You Cannot Do It Alone, You Need A Squad.

I was binge-watching movies during the lockdown period (like so many other ‘prisoners’) and I recalled watching AntMan 2 and I had this thought.

It will be great to have Luis give us a summary of the end of 2020 right now.

This man has to be in charge of giving the summary of 2020.

I digressed.

That was not the thought.

The spark of ran through my mind was after the display of the names of the cast.

If you follow Marvel movies, you’ll know there is always a short scene after the cast is displayed.

It was after I saw the scene that I began to think about the number of people that will have been involved to sew together all the movies that finally culminated in Avengers, The End Game.

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The Marvel Entertainment Staff Strength is 1,440 strong.

To give you a perspective of why I was wowed, I am an MCU fan so I have practically seen all the movies released and found out that 22 movies were weaved together to end at Avengers, The End Game.

All these movies were since 2008, meaning it was an 11-year long planning and executing process.


To be able to pull anything great off, we all need to build an awesome team.

Using the Avengers as an example…….

You need a Dr. Strange to see the multiple possibilities of the future.

You need a Tony Stark to know the science to do the impossible and also to have the money to splurge on impossible hero missions.

You need Captain America that everyone will rally around for no just reason asides the fact that he carries a shield painted in American colors.

No matter what you do, you need a squad.

Your favorite sports star could not have achieved such heights alone.

Even those that played individual sports.

Usain Bolt could not do it without his coach Glen Mills.

Michael Phelps could not do it without Bob Bowman.

Tiger Woods had 4 swinging coaches through his career.

Serena Williams could not have achieved it without Richard Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou.

Especially your favorite soccer star, C.Ronaldo cannot play all the positions on the field. He still needs his teammates even if he will like to deny it.


These are the things you will need to critically think about when building your squad:

  1. What is the core reason for building your squad? Is it for a short term goal or for the long haul? Knowing this will help you know who you can invite to the round table. If it is for a particular project, it is best to have a timeline.

When Purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable- Dr. Myles Munroe

2. Ensure that all members of your squad tuned to the same frequency. Do not be scared to cut anyone that is not ready to connect to the goal.

3. Provide a system that allows the growth of all members of the squad to shine with their personal, unique skill while improving as quickly as possible.

4. Every member of the team should be able to put in the work that will ensure success. Leadership and proactivity are important for everyone.

5. Review progress consistently and make changes according to situations.

6. Be compassionate but strict on how daily activities can help achieve the overall goal.

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